Free CPA Review Materials & Practice Exams | Another71 Podcast #95

18 Oct 2021

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Free CPA Review Materials & Practice Exams | Another71 Podcast #95

Podcast Questions:

1. Hey Jeff – what do you think about free CPA review materials such as CPA Review for Free? Does NINJA CPA Review have a Free Trial. If so – what’s the difference? – Denise

2. I am taking my last exam, FAR, in one month. Do you recommend doing any practice exams? Or should I only do practice sets of MCQs and Sims? – Kendall

3. I was told by my CPA Review course that 7.5% would be testable in Q4 of this year. Can you please confirm? – Jeff

4. I know there’s a whole thing on how much to study… I don’t remember, but you have a billion children and work. I have two young boys and work 45+ every week. I struggle to find time to do anything between work, family, and sleep (driving and eating there somewhere). How do I make this work without feeling extremely exhausted and like I’m not present for my family? – Jessica on Another71 Facebook

5. Hey! Do you think I should practice sitting in 4hr increments?

6. Is AMT no longer testable on the CPA Exam? Thanks – Annabelle

7. I have failed twice in BEC, and I have done all questions I have in Ninja. What should I do to prepare for my third time next week’s exam? – Silvi

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