Happy Birthday, A71

Another71.com turned two on Sunday.
Two years ago, I was a frustrated CPA Exam candidate who was looking for light at the end of the tunnel (that wasn't an oncoming freight train) and I can say without a doubt that the sacrifice was absolutely worth it.

I want to commend those families who are sacrificing by allowing a loved one to study for the CPA Exam all weekend for the hope of a better future. I have been there.

I commend the candidates who get up early to study when they would rather sleep an extra 2 hours. I have been there.

I commend the people who skip lunch with their co-workers so they can do 30 multiple choice questions instead because they are scared to death of their upcoming exam. I have been there.

I commend those lonely spouses who sit and watch tv while the other one studies at the kitchen table – my wife has been there.

Especially in this economy – it takes going above and beyond to succeed – to sacrifice in a way that your co-worker in the cubicle next to you is not willing.

cpa review

It will pay off in the end.

You'll be a CPA and they'll be…well…

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CPA2B 11 years ago

Happy Birthday A71!!!!! Jeff, you have truly been such a great influence in my life and an encouragement through this site. I see nothing but great things to come from you! I am just happy to be able to say that I am a club 75 member now before the prices increase due to the high international demand that is to come!!!!!! Look out everyone! :)

JDA 11 years ago

Pass the cake! (congrats, that's quite the accomplishment!)

Carrie 11 years ago

Nice!! Congrats, Jeff! A71 has been really helpful to me during me journey...that is hopefully over soon! Happy Blog B-day! :)

Priyanka 11 years ago

Congrats Jeff, I have been following another71 since its blog form. It has helped me a lot and also encouraged me during my failures.

Harshi 11 years ago

Hi Jeff, Thank you all the support that you give to thousands of candidates through your website. I commend you ... on this achievement, for the great social service that you do just by giving free advice and responding to students when you would rather spend time playing golf or with your son, and most importantly the endless energy, passion, dedication and time that you have put into this website!

qualler 11 years ago

A year ago today I found out I passed my first ever exam (BEC) after 3-4 rounds of each part of the exam. Today I await my final score (REG) with the expectation that I have already passed the CPA exam. And it all turned around starting with me discovering this blog back in November 2008 and seeking your advice, Jeff, on how to conquer the beast. Congrats to your continued success with this blog and thanks for all you've done to help me and others who are taking this exam!

Jeff - another71.com 11 years ago

Thanks everyone :)

adri 11 years ago

I was here at the beginning--back when you were on Blogger! I finished testing at the end of 2008, but I still see people in my office checking your blog--it's the best source of info out there!

Jeff - another71.com 11 years ago

adri - blogger...good stuff...those were the days :) I appreciate the kind words and you checking back in and saying hi. -Jeff