Hell Week: CPA Exam Edition

20 Apr 2008

My BEC Experience

I've done the math and mapped out my final week of studying/cramming/praying and it goes something like this:

(keep in mind that I'm not a very structured person…I have a tendency to live by default and not design, per se, so this may be difficult for me).

This is hardcore (to me it is, anyway), but I'm only doing this for a week.

(95 hours of work + study…)

Sunday night: Lights out at 11pm (I usually stay up til 12:30am or 1)

Study 5:30-7am (I usually get up at 7am…I live 10 min. from work)
11:30-1pm (extended lunch)
6:30-7 – briefly remind the kids that I exist
(6.5 hours)

Tuesday: repeat

Wednesday: repeat

Thursday: Family time starting at 7pm (4.5 hours)

Friday: same as Thursday, but no studying after work or in the evening (3 hours)

Saturday: 5:30-7am, 8-11:30, 12-4, 6-10 (14 hours)

Sunday: same as Saturday

Monday: Exams – BEC and REG

Total studying from Monday-Sunday: 55 hours + a full work week.

Is this realistic? Yes, I think so.

Will it be terrible/worst thing ever? Absolutely.

Will I pass if I do this: Without a doubt.

If anyone out there is slaving away this week, know that there's someone else as miserable as you. Needless to say, I went to the grocery store and stockpiled coffee today.

I guess it all comes down to this:

How badly do you want to be a CPA?

It's time to be done with this thing.

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mbushnell 16 years ago

Good luck. That's one hell of a schedule. Hopefully you'll be done with it soon. I did the 5:30 am thing for about a month getting ready for FAR, and it paid off.