One down…one to go.

28 Apr 2008

My BEC Experience

I took BEC this morning. It took me about 40 minutes of waiting to get checked in, but oh well.

I think I smoked the exam…we'll see. I felt this way with AUD and that turned out OK. You never really know, though.

Financial Management has always been my weak area. I've never wanted to study it so I've always ignored it. THANKFULLY I did just about every question on Yaeger‘s list of “minimum” questions to do. That prepared me.

I also followed their advice and did every single IT question in the Wiley book and that paid dividends as well.

The exam followed the content weights released by the AICPA, so no surprises really.

One thing about BEC is that memorizing terms won't cut it. They want you to actually apply the knowledge. Odd.

REG is in 2.5 hours…

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giggleblue 16 years ago

fingers crossed! i really hope you passed! i have bec coming up on the 23rd. i took reg on the 15th.