27 Apr 2008

My BEC Experience

BEC is up first thing in the morning. I can roll out of bed and score a 71 on BEC, so to end my streak, I've been hitting areas that I've always ignored (Financial Management…I hate studying for it, so I go into the Exam and try to fake it).

I did 307 IT questions today. I could write a book about the “Joys of Electronic Data Interchange”.

In the past, I've also tried to limp my way through Econ. I did a ton of problems on elasticity calculations.

One regret is that I have spent a disproportionate amount of time on BEC rather than REG. I hit Corporations pretty hard (my week part when I scored a 74 last time) and I have a 5 hour break in-between exams, so I'll come back and gorge myself on individual tax, estates/trusts and whatever else.

I was tempted to give it the old college try and pull an all-nighter, but I know better than to do that.