Video: How to Pass BEC in 4 Weeks

28 Feb 2017




Jeff says: I'm taking BEC March 7th to avoid the April 2017 CPA Exam changes. I usually get around seven to eight p.m.-ish and finish eating around eight to nine o'clock. I understand I literally only have one month of studying. How can I do this?

How to Pass BEC in 4 Weeks:

Follow the time-tested ELL Study Plan.

Early: Get up an hour early and study for the CPA Exam before work.

Lunch: Study at lunch – don't spend an hour eating, spend an hour eating and reading your NINJA Book or watching your CPA Review videos and taking notes.

Late: Study an hour at night before you go to bed.

BEC is the easiest exam to study for a month, and auditing is close.

Should not be an issue. Just git ‘er done.



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