How to Study 20 Hours Per Week for the CPA Exam (N.I.N.J.A.)

25 Sep 2021

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VP says, hi, Jeff, your breakdown of 20 hours is doable, but how do I divide time between reading the NINJA Book, listening to the NINJA Audio, NINJA Blitz, and NINJA MCQ? Any pointers? Yeah, 20 hours per. Yep. You just follow the NINJA Study Framework, nail the concepts in the book, and then despite it, so ninja sparring, you can either watch the replays as part of the concepts or as part of the final review, your choice.

As far as nail the concepts, you'd want to watch all of them. We've actually been through the material twice now in some sections. And for. If you're doing it for a repo or for a final review, then you maybe pick three, three topics before topics. But so now the concepts with, your book, The most important thing with that is that you set a budget.

Okay. I'm going to get through the ninja book in 10 days, whatever it is. And then once, once you hit that 10 days, it doesn't matter if you're on chapter one or chapter 10, you're done because you're moving on to the MCQ because otherwise you're just going to drag it out forever and you're going to keep postponing your exam.

You're never going to get done. So the most important thing on the nail, the concepts phase, what really all the phases is to set a time budget. So, NINJA Blitz is like a hybrid of the NINJAnotes and NINJA Audio. If you're, what, if you're reading the notes, listen to the audio. I'd spend more time watching sparring audio, listen to it from the second you subscribed to ninja.

Same with the notes. So that's helpful

Question in the chat. Do you recommend doing every single question in the NINJA test bank or is that insane? Yes. That's insane. Yeah. Cool. Yeah, most people do not make it so most people do not make it through a hundred percent recon, which is when you've answered every question.

At least once correctly, most people do not make it. You want to do what you can. So I'm a huge fan of doing the questions topically. Get for regulation, corporate tax, individual tax, partnership tax. And you're not going to make it through all the questions. At least I don't think you can do that and keep it under the seven or eight-week window or not completely burnt out.

So I hope that's helpful.

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