Video: How to Study for the CPA Exam (NINJA + ELL)

04 Aug 2014


By Jeff



This video covers:

1. Two important questions you should ask yourself before you begin to study for the CPA Exam.
2. How to fit in 20 hours a week.
3. How to actually study (hint: ditch the highlighters).





Kim Jackson 10 years ago

I even watched this video instead of studying. Thanks for the tips. I need to purchase study materials for FAR as my Becker will expire this month as I finish studying for BEC. REG is complete and I'm still waiting on score from AUD

Jeff - 10 years ago

Thanks Kim - glad you liked it!

valerie 9 years ago

I need to pass it I have test anxity can pass the test please help

Sonia 9 years ago

Very informative. Approach is similar to what i do.

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