How to Survive Losing Two CPA Exam Credits | Another71 Podcast #100

10 Dec 2021

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In this CPA podcast, we cover how to survive the misery of losing credits for two CPA Exam sections, studying for two CPA Exam sections at once & more.

Have a question for the podcast? Ask Jeff.

1. Hey Jeff – I’m an international CPA student from Hong Kong. I’m just getting started with the CPA Exam process. Do I have to travel to the US to take my exams? If so – any recommendation on a state or city?

2. Erika – Is it possible to study for FAR in less than a month and pass, and if so – how much time is needed, and what is the study method? (also while working FT). (NINJA Only)

3. I received a failing score of 70 for BEC. This is my 3rd time taking it (previous scores are 54 & 61). I’m a new NINJA CPA subscriber. I was wondering if you had any advice on the next steps for my BEC retake. I saw on your website that there is a 4-week plan and a 7-week plan. Which do you recommend for this situation? Any advice and tips would be very appreciated!! – Emily

4. I started the becker CPA review last June and have put off taking far 3 times. When I tried doing everything becker said, it took me a month to get through 1 or 2 modules (yes, that's modules, not chapters). They said to write down every question I got wrong. That took forever. I also had sleep problems during the first 6 months of studying which really messed up my ability to study. I am so stressed out and confused as to how to digest the vast amount of information and retain it. I have a new job that starts soon and I really want to have at least one CPA exam under my belt so I can start my new job with confidence.

5. I am really struggling with passing the CPA exams and I am not sure what I should do to pass these exams. I started the exam process in November 2020 and have taken AUD, REG, and BEC thus far. I have failed AUD, REG, and BEC with scores of 43, 64, and 71, respectively. I do not know what to do anymore. I hammer MCQs and listen to your audio notes five times. For BEC, I read the entire book. I also started to do that with FAR, but I felt that I was not absorbing the information as well as I do with listening to your notes. Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any suggestions? I feel that I will not ever get through these exams, but I know I can because other people have done it. – Laura

6. Hello, Jeff. I’m preparing to study for my 3rd attempt at AUD. How often would you recommend doing the SIMS vs. MCQs? What sections of the MCQs are related to which AUD review chapters? – Paul (NINJA Only)

7. Hi Jeff, I did not pass FAR with a 74. I used the NINJA framework to the T, in my mind. But I have some holes evidently. Just trying to find out how to fix my mistake this time around. – Wil (Roger + NINJA)

(and many more live CPA Exam study questions)

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