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[AUD-99 FAR-96 REG-95 BEC-95]


6,695 CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

275 CPA Exam Simulations

1 Year MCQ Access (Best Value – Saves $255 vs purchasing four single-sections for one year)

AICPA-Licensed Content

Unlimited Practice Exams

Authoritative Literature

85-90% Pass Rate*

Adaptive Learning Technology

Online Access

Great with iPad and Tablets

Bonus Video 1: FAR SIM Strategies ($299 Value)

Bonus Video 2: AUD SIM Strategies ($299 Value)

Bonus Video 3: REG SIM Strategies ($299 Value)

Bonus Video 4: Cost Accounting, Fin. Management, & Economics for BEC SIM Prep ($329 Value)


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Note: Internet Connection is required. Android Tablets must be running 4.0+

* Candidates “Trending” in the 80s who also hit the “Review Phase” had an 85-90% Pass Rate.

Based on a customer survey with 400+ responses (22% sample size).


NINJA MCQ has 6,500+ CPA Exam Questions (AICPA-Licensed)



Full text explanations, keywords, and citations with each question.



Fully-customizable Study Sessions.

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Glossary of key CPA Exam-relevant Accounting Terms.

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NINJA includes 250+ Simulations.

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Practice Memos with BEC Written Communications.

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Authoritative Literature included with Simulations.

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