I Passed REG! Practice, Practice, Practice for FAR

09 Dec 2013

I Passed, I Passed REG, NINJA CPA Review

Denise is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


I passed REG! I got an 80!

Yes, I know that in the long run the only thing that matters is a 75 but after you fail an exam, you have this urge to want to slay it! LOL. I am so very thankful to be at the ¾ mark in my CPA exam journey.

My prep for FAR has been interesting. By interesting, I mean some days I look at the book and think, “Seriously there is no way that all the pages in this book even make sense for a 4 hour exam!” Despite this, one thing that I have learned is that things that seem to be so difficult to grasp at the beginning of your review, with time start to make sense.

What has helped me to pass my exams? Practice, practice and more practice. I remember Jeff made this comment recently about not getting caught up in the rabbit hole of practicing simulation questions. This to me is really good advice.

There are so many ways they can present a simulation question that it’s the best use of time to understand the concepts and stamp them on your brain by practicing multiple-choice.

At the beginning of this journey, I was like: “4 exams, easy! No problem, I will be done in no time.” In the middle, I was like: “Get me outta here…what have I done! When will it end?” Now, I’m like: “I am going to be finished this! It’s only a matter of time” (maybe some sleepless nights in between and some heartache waiting on results). LOL

Keep at it everyone…we can do this!

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Jeff @ another71.com 11 years ago

Congrats Denise!!!