Halfway Done! I Passed FAR and REG like a NINJA!

20 Sep 2013

I Passed, I Passed REG, NINJA CPA Review

Dewey is a guest blogger.

Several years ago a coworker told me about Another71. At the time, I was more concerned about billable hours and getting returns done under budget than working on the CPA Exam.

I thought I would be rewarded with giant pay raises and my work experience would provide a foundation of knowledge that would help me pass the exam.

I bought a review course and would occasionally log on. Even though I was not studying hard, I still used the exam as an excuse to not do things. I frequently told employers and friends “I am working on getting my CPA.” When they saw I was not progressing, they quit taking me seriously.

Two years ago, I got serious. I read the text, answered the questions, reread the text and re-answered the questions … My progress was very slow (digging way to deep). Near my first test, I had not gone through all of the material and in a panic I bought the NINJA Notes.

I deserved my failing score. I had invested in a video course, so I stuck with it. After sitting three times (FAR: 56,65 and REG 73), I incidentally switched from public to industry and decided to take a break from studying. During those two years, I started visiting Another71 more frequently and decided to try the way of the NINJA.

My wife and I talked it over and we decided to make another push. We made a plan and we have stuck to it.

With REG, I half way followed the NINJA Study Plan using the Ten Point Combo Lite. With FAR, I got the Ten Point Combo and followed the NINJA Plan, barely used my video lectures, and passed. Both times I re-wrote the NINJA Notes and listened to the Audio all day Monday through Friday.

I really felt like Neo in the Matrix, where I uploaded data into my brain. “I know Financial Accounting and Reporting.” The only difference is it takes about 200 hours of intense focus instead of 5 seconds. At the same time, I do not have to have an 8″ spike inserted in the back of my skull. LOL

I really like listening to the audio with Jeff's reminders: “You're trying to pass the test,” “Don't let the examiners trip you up,” “You are not going to remember everything…” I hope to have AUD and BEC passed by the end of November. So far, I am halfway done with the CPA Exam.



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