Third Time’s a Charm: I Passed REG!

05 Nov 2013

I Passed, I Passed REG, NINJA CPA Review

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Scores came out on Friday, and I am happy to report that I passed REG! Third time is indeed the charm for REG.

I also got to see another ultrasound of my baby boy, and he is looking great. Doctors said he is around the 70% percentile for size (not too big, not too small) and that everything else is looking great! Friday was a great day for me.

I hope others waiting for scores got some similar good news on Friday or this weekend or Monday, depending on when you state posts them.

I am once again ¾ of the way to CPA! Unlike last time when I said this, I have a good 6 months until another section expires. Of course, the goal is to pass the 4th section on my next try. Once my baby is born, it would become increasingly difficult to focus on studying.

On top of that, it will tax season right after my son is born. It will be hard enough juggling a newborn and tax season. To add CPA Exam studying to that I think would push me over the edge. So I MUST pass FAR at the end of this month.

That isn’t to say that people can’t successfully juggle children young and old, busy seasons at work, and the CPA Exam. I have been following the A71 website and CPA Exam Forum for a while now, and the NINJAs continue to amaze. We have some of the most hard-working, dedicated and determined people here. And everyone is so supportive and encouraging.

Anyway, back to me. ☺

I am using the same review materials that helped me pass both AUD & REG after multiple failures. With that, and since I already passed FAR once, I am feeling pretty good. But as I’ve said before, I will not take it lightly. I will not have a social life until after my FAR sitting. I will be a studying machine.

We must fight! We must not give up! We are NINJAs! We can do this!

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