Time is Ticking Away: One Week until FAR!

Joshua is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

A week from today, I will sit for FAR again after coming out last go around with a 74. This go around I tried to change up my studying some.

Instead of just doing a variety of all Wiley MCQs, I focused first on topics that I was not as comfortable with at the start and end of each study session. I have learned that you remember most what you look at right when you begin to study and right before you end.

With that said I also took more breaks after a shorter period of time in between study sessions instead of studying for long periods at a time and taking 30 minute breaks in between. I really do think this has improved my memory of topics. At work I took time aside to listen to my NINJA Audio and on any long trips in the car for travel I would listen as well.

I am feeling good about the upcoming exam, just need to make sure I look over some example simulations just to better my feel. Good luck to everyone studying! Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay focused, determined, and dedicated!

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11 years ago

Good Luck with FAR next week! I take FAR August 13th and I am terrified.

CPA628 11 years ago

Good Luck!!! You have worked hard and it WILL provide good outcome:)

Kristen Duplin 11 years ago

Good luck! I am also taking FAR this Friday, it will be my first exam so I'm pretty nervous!

Joshua Overman 11 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck as well Kristen. The key is being able to channel the right mindset for the 4.5 hrs of the exam. This is the last one I need and my time expires after this sit. So I am doing all that I can do and then leaving the rest to God. I have found that works the best!