BEC Passed! And Lessons Learned

13 Sep 2013

I Passed, I Passed BEC, NINJA CPA Review

Leah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I learned a few things on my last exam that I want to throw out to readers. I thought I was doing things right, but I really wasn’t.

I had two main realizations. 1. Slow down and read the question. No, really read it. 2. Know how the test works including the research function and even the calculator.

It was during BEC that I realized I was so anxious and caught up in finishing the exam that I was trying to fly through questions and not REALLY reading the entire question.

It sounds so simple. I’ve heard it a hundred times from people on Another71 Forum, “Read the *explitive* question”. Yet, I wasn’t actually doing it.

I knew BEC MCQ was worth 85%, and I’m slow at word math problems. Both factors caused me to slow down enough on MCQ’s to realize being a speed test taker was not helpful. I now believe that not really reading the question may have been one of the reasons I failed my first AUD attempt.

Second, the calculator messed with my head. I took the AICPA example test, but I did not really practice using it. Using a basic calculator is not rocket science, but I wasn’t prepared enough on exam day.

I started my exam, opened the calculator, and immediately got a little panicked. I had to ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’, for every number instead of my usual, fancy TI. I didn’t think to use the keypad because I hadn’t practiced it.

In the end, I passed BEC. I’m hoping I can use what I learned on my AUD re-take to help get me over the hump. As I study for AUD and then move on to REG, I’ll be trying to squeeze in community emergency training. It will help our little, rural community to be better prepared, and it should be fun.

I’ll leave you with some instant study motivation: You can put the work in and be done or re-study and pay up.

I think I’ll go study!

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Jeff @ 11 years ago

Congrats to you, Leah!