I Passed FAR!!! REG Up Next

21 Sep 2012

I Passed FAR, NINJA CPA Review

By Marc

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I got the fantastic news last week that I passed FAR.

I now have two test under my belt (FAR and BEC), and will be taking REG in November.

I wanted to take REG in late October and AUD in late November to attempt to be done this year, but I felt it would be smarter to take more time with REG to give myself the best chance of passing.

Passing FAR (2nd try) has felt like such a victory to me that I have a hard time remembering that I am only half way home.

I took a break the weekend after taking FAR, but after that nice little break I jumped into REG. I am skipping all Wiley MCQs until I view all lectures first, which has allowed me to be starting on Chapter 6 of my review course tonight.

I have really loved this strategy because it gives me a general overview of the entire material and probably triples my review period. I think this is great as long as you are prepared to have lower scores the first time you do MCQs because you aren’t doing them directly after watching the lectures.

I am actually excited to learn more about individual taxation but find that corporate taxation is almost unbearable.

I am getting the same feeling with REG as I did with FAR in relation to amount of material. After a week of studying, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of material. I am assuming that it will be much like FAR and all come together in the end, but it feels so voluminous right now.

All these feelings are pretty normal for me, and I am guessing normal for most people. Overall I feel pretty good, I have more than a year now to finish two tests and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light has gotten that much brighter because I feel that if I can pass FAR, I can pass any of these tests.