BEC Passed! Taking Down FAR like a NINJA

27 Sep 2013

I Passed, I Passed BEC, NINJA CPA Review

Maria is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I started writing this blog a couple weeks ago, but the September 15th tax deadline gave me quite a run for my money and then I went on vacation for a week, so I never got to finish it.

I also started writing this while I was waiting on my score for my first try at BEC, so I’ve left in the part of how I felt about my experience, and you can scroll down to see the outcome!

[Rewind to three weeks ago] …. I made my first try at BEC on August 31st, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. Study-wise, I was extremely well disciplined for this test, probably more so than for any of the others I’ve taken, but I don’t think I ever will feel 100% ready for a test.

Every night for the last three weeks I’ve come home and studied for at least two hours, and the last week I added a 5am study session as well. For this test I used a new method of studying by watching all of the review videos first, then working all of the multiple choice (also known as the NINJA Method).

I made about 500 note cards and studied them at stoplights during my commute. I attempted to write the NINJA Notes, but I just ran out of time, and I prioritized reworking all of the questions I got wrong in MCQs.

Regardless of all my efforts, the last three days I always seem to find myself running in every direction trying to figure out where my time will be most efficiently spent. I spent the last week reworking multiple-choice, writing practice written communications, and taking practice exams, but it never fails that I feel like I could’ve used one extra week.

I’ve been battling FAR for so long that the BEC testing experience actually seemed pleasantly short. I left myself with over an hour to do the written communications, which was an excellent use of my time. It felt good to be able to re-read and proofread them multiple times.

The multiple-choice on every test seem to put me through the ringer, though. This test was no exception. I was prepared for all of the calculations and formulas, and a majority of my test consisted of more theory based questions. I always feel like I can narrow down to two answers, and then I have the hardest time deciding which one to pick!

[Fast forward to three weeks later (now)] … I found out I PASSED BEC during the last score release!! I checked it repeatedly because this is the first test I’ve passed on my first attempt. I squealed and jumped up and down in my office knowing I only have ONE PART TO GO.

Unfortunately the one part I have left is one that I’ve seen quite a few times. FAR has given me a run for my money, so I’m laying it all out there for this one and praying it’s my last. I’m going to take the same attempt I took with BEC, which seemed to work.

I started watching all the lectures (for the third time…) last night while writing note cards. I am planning to buy the Wiley test bank, as I think I’ve memorized all of the questions from the one I have. Lastly, I have the NINJA Notes, which I hope to rewrite, depending on time constraints, and I have the NINJA Audio, which I’ve partially memorized from prior attempts.

My last two tries at FAR have yielded a 73 and a 72, so I’m pushing through for an extra 3+ points. So many exciting things are happening in my life right now, and I can’t wait to be able to fully experience them as a CPA, rather than missing out because I’m studying all the time!

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Yvonne 10 years ago

I passed the FAR section in January 2012 on the first try. I was elated. But life got in the way and I was not able to take the remaining three parts until July 2013 when I had just a few months left until the FAR section would expire. Sadly taking all three parts together (BEC, REG, and AUD) was too much of an effort and I got a 72, 60 and 69 respectively on each. Now I have to take the FAR section I had previously passed over again along with the other sections.... but I shall not be daunted. I will hang in there until it all gets done -- hopefully I can pass all four parts by early 2014.