NINJA Hall of Fame: Patrick Passes the CPA Exam!

17 Sep 2013

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Patrick is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Last Wednesday, we gathered on the carpet of our still-empty living room to watch Victor unwrap his birthday presents.

Amidst the Legos, Hotwheels, and necessities that parents pass-off as gifts, was a small box, about an inch cubed.

Victor pulled out a folded-up sticky note with the number, 87, written on it – my REG score.

I wrote in my first post that this exam is more of an ocean to be crossed than a mountain to be climbed. I was half-right. It was more like a desert and I keep asking myself “What now? What next?”

Here is what I’ve sacrificed over the last 18 months:

    • Thousands of dollars.


    • Hundreds of hours with my kids. They are worse-off because of this.


    • Opportunity cost of devoting all of my mental energy toward the exam, instead of material that is more stimulating, and more relevant to my job.


    • Marital Stress.


    • I have not supported my friends the way I should.


    • Guilt. It’s hard to enjoy yourself, when you know you should be studying.


    • I spent 2% of my life studying for this exam!


I don’t write this to discourage anyone but to emphasize, this is not a commitment to be taken casually. The greater your investment, the longer the recovery period, so make your study time count. There is no substitute for hard work.

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Jeff @ 10 years ago

FREEDOM!!! Well Done, Patrick.