Pass! After a Long Wait, FAR Results are in!

28 Sep 2012

I Passed FAR, NINJA CPA Review

By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Score release is never a relaxing time, especially in a snail mail state. Let me just give you a little timeline to provide a glimpse into what candidates in a snail mail state have to endure in addition to this awful exam…

8/30 ~ Sat for FAR exam at 12pm. I took some care in choosing this date. It was the second to the last day of the window, and would allow me Friday in addition to the 3-day holiday weekend to decompress. My intentions were to begin REG studies after a little break, assuming it would be my last exam.

09/07 ~ This was the original NINJA estimated release. Because of the holiday and the extension of the window, no one saw scores. ?

09/10 ~ Scores released!!! I REALLY wish I could be a part of the excitement, but know seeing my score will be another 7-10 (on average) days away. I stalk A71 as if I am part of it all, feeling everyone’s accomplishments and disappointments. It reminds me of being the last kid picked for the team. Not so fun.

09/13 ~ I email the Oregon Board to see if scores have arrived… No response.

09/14 ~ I call (more times than I like to admit) the Oregon Board. I finally get a live person, who tells me that they have NOT received scores yet. UGH. I was really hoping to get some great news for the weekend. ?

09/17 ~ Tried the Board again, both email and phone… No luck. Starting to think they have blocked me. Haha

09/18 ~ Reach Kim at the Oregon Board. STILL NO SCORES!!!

09/19 ~ Talk to Kim, AGAIN. They have all the scores but FAR. WHAT?!?!?! I could understand BEC, but FAR? She also informs me that a testing center in Eugene, OR had an electrical issue or something, so that may be creating more of a delay.

09/20 ~ Some people in Oregon have received their scores for other sections. Making progress!!!

09/21 ~ Call the Board first thing in the morning, thinking they have to have the scores by now. Kim informs me they got LOST IN THE MAIL?!?!? I look around my office to see if someone is recording me to see my reaction to a really bad joke. No such luck. She tells me to call after 3pm to get my score over the phone.

9/21 3:01pm ~ Kim gives me the best news EVER ~ I passed FAR with a 78!!! I think I will probably miss her a bit until next score release. I can’t say that she feels the same about me…

~ I finally receive the hard copy of my score. It finally feels real ~ I am ¾ of my way to CPA!!!!

I can only imagine the agony I will feel waiting for my final score in the mail…