Video: NINJA Notes vs NINJA Audio

14 Sep 2017

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Nellie says: Is the NINJA Audio the same as the NINJA Notes? I'm taking auditing in six days. I have the notes but I'm deciding whether or not to purchase the audio. Is it the same as the notes but spoken out loud?

Conceptually the notes and the audio are pretty much the same. The same concepts, however, are two completely different performances, if you will. So the NINJA Audio is not the NINJA Notes just read out loud. Each NINJA audio script took me at least a month to write out. And I expand on a lot of the topics.

And so the notes are used for like a cram and the audio is best used for… It allows you to study when you couldn't otherwise get in the time. So when you're at the gym, if you're at the gym for an hour, you can literally study for an hour. If you have a 30 minute commute each way, you can study an hour in the car, five days a week.

That's an extra five hours of study time. So conceptually it's the same material. Again the NINJA audio expands on some of it but the reason to get the audio is if you would take advantage of the convenience.

And so if you get an extra five hours of studying during the week because you're able to study in the car, that's an extra five hours. So if you're shooting for twenty hours and you get your twenty hours done early because of the five hours in the car, that's an extra five hours with your kids.

That's an extra five hours with your sweetie. That's an extra five hours to get through half a season of something on Netflix. So I hope that's helpful.


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