Introducing: NINJA PLUS – Full CPA Review Video Course

06 Sep 2016


By Jeff

Dear NINJAs,

We have a new addition to the NINJA Family – and we're calling it NINJA PLUS.

A little backstory…

Back in the day – when I was studying for the CPA Exam (and we walked up hill both ways in the snow to the prometric testing center…all of that…), the CPA Review landscape looked a lot different than it does now.

There were what I would call “The Big 4” of CPA Review courses…and one of those courses was Bisk CPA Review.

It had been around forever and had the legendary instructor Bob Monette.

I personally used Bob Monette's AUD Videos to pass Auditing in two weeks…because, as I was prone to do at the time, I waited until the last moment to start studying.

I scored a 79…which didn't quite qualify me for the EWS Award, but it isn't bad for two weeks of studying.


In 2013, Thomson Reuters acquired Bisk Education and included in that sale was the Bisk CPA Review Course.

In August 2016, NINJA CPA Review purchased the CPA Review assets from Thomson Reuters.

Included in the acquisition is this treasure trove of CPA Review videos.

Amazingly – most of the information is still current and relevant for the CPA Exam.

Sure, some regs get passed or some laws get tweaked, but CPA Exam concepts are generally timeless.

As we identify some things here and there that need an update (Extraordinary Items in FAR, for instance), we'll post it with the videos.

For now – I want to put these videos in your hands so that you can be off and running with studying.


In its prime, I believe this course retailed for $1,900+.

I am making it available to NINJAs for only $97 per section for 3 months of access.

It's similar to the MCQ Access…3 months of access (essentially, 1 testing window).

If you need more time – you can always purchase more time.


Who are these videos for?

NINJAs who already have a video course and want a CRAM? Yes.

NINJAs who don't have lecture videos and want a study boost? Yes.

In short, they are thorough enough to be a standalone video course but concise enough to be a CRAM.

NINJA PLUS Running Times:

FAR is 27 Hours – you can get through it as a last review in a week

BEC is 16 Hours – you can get through them in a (long) weekend

REG is 13 Hours – you can also get through them in a weekend

AUD is 9 Hours – you can get through them in a Saturday



Who are these videos not for?

– Non-NINJAs. These videos are available to NINJA Customers only.

(you must have previously purchased NINJA MCQ, Notes, Books, Audio, or a Ten Point Combo to be eligible to purchase – or at least add another NINJA product for the same CPA Exam section at checkout)


Try NINJA PLUS (and take good notes) 🙂








NINJA Survey Feedback on these Videos:

“I absolutely love Ninja Plus. I re-read and re-watched the (expensive review course) materials related to bonds and pensions, but simply could not get it. That is until I used Ninja Plus – I’m now rocking these two issues after watching the videos only once.”

“Straightforward. Good review videos.”

“I think the FAR lectures are clearly articulated, and I think Bob is an excellent lecturer.”

“I really like the videos, I feel like they explain the material in a way that is easier to comprehend than (expensive course) videos.”

“I like that the videos explains through examples because it makes it easier to understand.”

“I thought the videos were very good and provided detailed explanations.”

“I really like it. Short lessons that get right to the point and make sense. I find them very helpful.”

“Great videos – very helpful.”

“Love the videos.”

“Great resource. Very helpful.”

“Very clear, best I've heard.”

“Overall, I think these are good lectures.”

“I thought the videos are useful and have a lot of information.”

“The videos are very detailed, but also straight forward to understand.”


If you're looking for an affordable, but legit video course – then NINJA PLUS, is for you.

NINJA PLUS is part of the Ten Point Combo (1 Year Access) and can be purchased standalone (3 Mo. Access). HIYA!!!

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megdenniston22 8 years ago

Hi there! I'm confused about all of the different products. For example, is Ninja MCQ integrated with any other products like Ninja plus, or are they all stand alone products?