1 Million Page Views in 30 Days - Started in March 2008 – Started in March 2008

Merry Christmas! reached a milestone during the Wave 2 CPA Exam score release process for the October/November 2009 testing window:

1 Million page views in 30 days.

(November 23, 2009 – December 23, 2009 per Google Analytics).

Thank you to all of my readers! Without you, this site wouldn't exist.

Jeff Elliott, CPA

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Steve ( 11 years ago

Hey Jeff, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Congratulations on the growth and success of you blog and fora (or forums). I looked at the picture of the early days, and I fondly remember the family picture on the blog! I am glad to be one the people who has witnessed the growth, and also having been saved and served by you and your blog. I am glad that I can proudly say that you contributed to my being a CPA! I will blog about the details later. You earned your success and it is fully deserved. I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations. I wish you continued success!

Bonni Yaeger 11 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS I loved seeing the picture of your old site. It was like turning back the hands of time. I'm from another generation, and don't embrace change as much as you, young ones, do. I kinda miss the picture of you, Josie and the boys (before the birth of the Rosie), but I know change must take place. Everything grows bigger, and hopefully, better. Continued growth and success. You know Philip and I, and Jill and John, wish nothing but the best for you and your lovely family.

Bonni Yaeger 11 years ago

OOOPS ... Your little one is RUTHIE. Our friend's new granddaughter is Rosie. Sorry :(

Zecharias Andemariam 11 years ago

Peace be with you Jeff and your family! Yes,merry Christ's birth to you and your family. I congratulate your hard work, your desire to help your fellow brethren in this journey(CPA). You are real asset to all of us who cherish your advice and shared your story of triumph(American story). I am of your age and I hope we still cherish the dream of change that Bonni seem to hesitate. It is my prayer and hope together we can make the right change that this beautiful country and people deserve. I appreciate you,AICPA and all the candidates for making all these things that we dream to achieve. God bless you!!