Recovering from a 30 on the CPA Exam | Another71 Podcast #101

10 Dec 2021

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In this CPA Exam podcast, we cover what do to if you score super-low on the CPA Exam (like a 30) and how to turn things around quickly & much more including live CPA study questions.

Have a question for the podcast? Ask Jeff.

1. Krishma – I am studying for my FAR third attempt. My previous scores were 70 & 68. I am planning to take my exam three weeks from now. Please tell me how should I start and what should I focus on?

2. What is the best way to pass FAR in the next couple of weeks? My test is coming up and I am absolutely struggling even when following the 4-week accelerated plan. I failed my first exam with a 30 and it dropped by confidence like a rock. – Brian (Becker + NINJA)

3. Hello, I recently failed FAR with a 64 and am trying to pick myself back up after this. I just purchased your materials and am just wondering where to even begin? Which aspects of NINJA would you believe would be the most helpful for me? I do not understand how to proceed after failing FAR. – Sarah (Becker + NINJA)

4. Jeff, what’s the best advice/top 3 things to know for the FAR exam? My MC is trending up but sadly still below 50 percent. I feel like I know it better than that. Think I just blew it in the evaluation phase. – Dylan (NINJA Only)

5. Eric (DOJO) Hi All, I scheduled Audit exam in 22 days. I Passed FAR and REG already, but I pretty much know nothing about AUD. Need advice on how to prepare it in like 3 weeks, thanks!

6. Justin (DOJO) Does anyone know if CPA Exam Continuous testing is staying for 2022? From my understanding, it was only a policy in place because of covid but I haven’t seen/heard anything that it’s going away. If anyone has any info on this that’d be great! Thanks!

7. Katheryn (DOJO) Hi Jeff, can you recommend a timeline for getting FAR passed in approx. five weeks (rather than the seven or eight that you suggest)? (NINJA Only)

(and many more live CPA Exam study questions)

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