Recovering from a 30 on the CPA Exam | Another71 Podcast #101

In this CPA Exam podcast, we cover what do to if you score super-low on the CPA Exam (like a 30) and how to turn things around quickly & much more including live CPA study questions.

Have a question for the podcast? Ask Jeff.

1. Krishma – I am studying for my FAR third attempt. My previous scores were 70 & 68. I am planning to take my exam three weeks from now. Please tell me how should I start and what should I focus on?

2. What is the best way to pass FAR in the next couple of weeks? My test is coming up and I am absolutely struggling even when following the 4-week accelerated plan. I failed my first exam with a 30 and it dropped by confidence like a rock. – Brian (Becker + NINJA)

3. Hello, I recently failed FAR with a 64 and am trying to pick myself back up after this. I just purchased your materials and am just wondering where to even begin? Which aspects of NINJA would you believe would be the most helpful for me? I do not understand how to proceed after failing FAR. – Sarah (Becker + NINJA)

4. Jeff, what’s the best advice/top 3 things to know for the FAR exam? My MC is trending up but sadly still below 50 percent. I feel like I know it better than that. Think I just blew it in the evaluation phase. – Dylan (NINJA Only)

5. Eric (DOJO) Hi All, I scheduled Audit exam in 22 days. I Passed FAR and REG already, but I pretty much know nothing about AUD. Need advice on how to prepare it in like 3 weeks, thanks!

6. Justin (DOJO) Does anyone know if CPA Exam Continuous testing is staying for 2022? From my understanding, it was only a policy in place because of covid but I haven’t seen/heard anything that it’s going away. If anyone has any info on this that’d be great! Thanks!

7. Katheryn (DOJO) Hi Jeff, can you recommend a timeline for getting FAR passed in approx. five weeks (rather than the seven or eight that you suggest)? (NINJA Only)

(and many more live CPA Exam study questions)

Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)


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