Video: Pass with Roger CPA Review Cram Course Only?

07 Jun 2018

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Antiqua writes in, Do you think it's possible to pass the FAR exam with the Roger CPA Review Cram Course only?

Alright, so I saw this question in my email and they also asked it in the forum.

Okay, so your question is, do I think it's possible?

Yes, I think it's possible.

I think it's possible to pass the CPA exam doing only multiple choice because people have done it.

I think it's possible to pass the CPA exam or a section of the CPA exam using only the Ninja notes.

Because people have done it and they wrote to me to tell me that they did. And I do think it's possible to pass the FAR exam using only the Rogers CPA review cram course only.

Now, I'm probably the only CPA review course out there who would dare mention a “competitor”.

In a podcast, like everyone just pretends that everyone else exists except for their comparison tables on their website where they say how everyone else is horrible.

But, yeah, Roger, great instructor, great course.

And can you pass with this FAR cram only, yeah.

Is it a best practice? No, it's not.

Because you run the risk that you don't get all the multiple choice in.

So if you have the Roger cram, you know, marketing alert – maybe you get NINJA Monthly as well cause it's cheap and you get everything else that you wouldn't get in the cram.

NINJA Notes, NINJA Audio, NINJA MCQ, NINJA book, a full course video set.

But yeah, you can pass with any course under the sun.

You can pass with any combination of materials that are out there and you can pass with a cram only.

It's not a best practice, but just like people pass using outdated materials, it's not a best practice, but you can do it.

(But you should still get NINJA Monthly.) 🙂

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Antiqua2001 6 years ago

Thanks for responding! I decided to do BEC first and will get the NINJA materials when I go back to FAR in July.

jeff 6 years ago

Sounds great!