Scored 58 on FAR CPA Exam | 3 Questions After Failing

Jack writes in. I scored a 58 on far, right before the exam changes. First time I had ever taken an exam using only Becker, what do I need to do to pass the next time? So you have to decide if you want to just keep using only Becker CPA Review, or if you want to supplement with something, obviously, I'm going to recommend NINJA. I'm 110% biased, but you want to supplement with any other test bank, Gleim Test Tank, Wiley Test Bank, and NINJA MCQ – try them all, whatever you want to use or just go back or only that you can choose that path as well.

But you scored your 58. So the question is where are you studying? So did you study five hours, 10 hours, 20 hours? How did you study? Did you study the old way of Video one video chapter one question chapter one, video chapter two question after two, or did you use the NINJA framework, which is the concepts, intense notes, nonstop, MCQ, rewrite your notes and all comes together and final review.

So how did you study? And then finally you want to just keep using Becker and. Take your new study methodology just with Becker, or do you want to take your new study methodology and add NINJA, whatever you wanna use.

So those are some questions to ask.

So that is literally how you pass next time going from a 58 to a 75, you change your study methodology 110%.

I can tell you there's something flawed in your study methodology. I don't know exactly what you did, but I just know that there's. Just from experience, then you have to answer the question.

Do you need to switch your CPA review materials?

Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)

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