Should You Practice Sitting for the CPA Exam | Is AMT Still Testable

24 Sep 2021

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Hey, do you think I should practice sitting in four-hour increments? No, I don't. So I think you, should do your sets of 20, let's say that you're, working at, MCQ do your set of 20. Get up, walk around five minutes, come back. Now. The danger for that is that you'll never come back, but get up, walk around.

So I like to use a marathon analogy with studying for two reasons why. Being wanting to be a CPA is like wanting to run a marathon. It needs to be your goal. Otherwise, you're not going to study running a marathon, needs to be your goal, or you're not going to train when you're running a marathon. I'm not a runner, but I have friends who are, they tell me that you don't actually ever run a marathon practicing.

You hit like you peak out or you're like 15 miles or something like that. And then on race day, obviously you have to break through that barrier that. There's no point in just sitting for four hours. I'm like, you should do that one time and it's on exam day. And that's also why I hate practice exams.

Like why do it so no, you should study and 45-minute increments or less, and then save the marathon for exam day?

Question is AMT no longer testable on the CPA exam? Yes. AMT is no longer testable on the CPA exam. AMT was the one removal from regulation that I was happy to see go. I hated AMT. I still hate AMT. I hate the concept of AMT it's anticapitalistic and it's horrible to study extremely boring.

I'm so glad to see it go. I did not agree with the removal of a state tax, but because I think that CPAs should. Be reasonably competent at a state tax and just say tax planning, because if for no other reason, just to be able to have a competent conversation in passing at the dinner table at Thanksgiving, et cetera, just knowing how estate tax works and, the threshold and everything like that.

But. They didn't ask me. And they also removed, IFRS for, from far love that I think, in the beginning, it made sense with GAAP, convergence seemed like we were on the road to just international. Financial reporting and discontinued operations were removed. Although you still need to know it just as it relates to the income statement.

And some, parts of macroeconomics were removed from BEC a huge deal.

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