CPA Exam Questions | Another71 Podcast 103

06 Dec 2022

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another71 cpa exam podcast 103

This CPA Exam podcast covers:

  1. Should You Re-Write the NINJA CPA Review Course Notes?
  2. How to Start Studying for the CPA Exam after 10 Months?
  3. Should You Quit the CPA Exam?
  4. Is CPA a Good Career after Failing FAR with 39?
  5. How Long to Retake CPA Exam Section After Failing?
  6. Retake FAR CPA Exam or Move to AUD?
  7. I Failed FAR CPA Exam – How to Retake It?

Have a CPA Study question? Ask Jeff.

(If you're a NINJA, be sure to let me know in your question, and I'll bump you to the top of the list)

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