The Traveler’s Gift: an antidote after failing the CPA Exam

Given the fact that most of the scores from the recent testing window are out, I think that this post is timely. “The Traveler's Gift” by Andy Andrews follows a man named David Ponder who finds himself downsized from a takeover after giving his heart and sole to a large corporation as an executive. He returns home after work via taxi (they made him turn in his company car) to ponder what to do next.

The book is about failure and keeping your perspective amidst the storms we find ourselves in.

Through several visits with key historical figures (Lincoln, Truman, King Solomon, Anne Frank, Christopher Columbus), the main character gets an education on enduring through struggles and overcoming the fires of life. If you found yourself frustrated after being on the wrong end of a 75 during this testing period, pick this book up.

It's a quick read and it will you will gain a new perspective and move on after this temporary setback with the Exam.

The first six pages are available for free on amazon's website and if you're like me, you'll be sucked in. I ordered the book this past summer and couldn't put it down.

Click the book and when it takes you to the amazon site, click the “Look Inside” icon above the book's picture for a preview.