CPA Reviewed #62: CPA Exam Q&A – October 15, 2015

15 Oct 2015


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Intro: Royals and Cubs
1. 2017 CPA Review Materials date?
2. Purchasing study materials while waiting on an NTS?
3. Waiting until 2016 to purchase materials?
4. The “N” in NINJA when you don't have videos?
5. How long does the “A” in NINJA take to review?
6. Taking the CPA Exam in May 2016 – when to buy materials?
7. When using a book (instead of videos), when do you work the MCQ?
8. Are the NINJA Notes updated for 2015 tax law (REG)?
9. When are 2016 CPA Review materials coming out?
10. MCQ strategy after the Review Phase has been reached?

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Sunday 9 years ago

Pls can I purchase cpa materials now and be reading it to prepare me for the exams in future. 8 years ago

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