70 on FAR CPA Exam | Retake Now or Take REG

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Hey, Jeff. Found out yesterday, made a 70 on far I've passed BEC and audit. And this is the first time. First time I've taken far and say failed it with a 70 my 18-month clock runs out in a. But 20% through the NINJA CPA Review materials for reg.

So I'm trying to decide, do I go back study for four or five more weeks on far to try to get those five extra points and then come back to reg once we've got three far, or do I keep on plugging on REG? So 20% for rag means like you're, a weekend. Yeah. I'm about 20% through the material.

I think for far you were going to have to start from scratch anyway just as a general practice, starting from scratch on a retake. And so it really comes down to which exam do you want to take next? Gotcha. If you want to jump back into far, you're not that far. You're not that far into regulation.

You can do it, but if it were me, I would just take a break from far. And I would say with REG, you're already a week into it. You're you don't lose a week of study time and you're going to have to reset it for far anyway. How, are you feeling about it? Yeah, I was, I think mentally I was leaning towards going back on far, just because when I go in through the questions I performed pretty well, I'm feeling like it might've been more.

Test day jitters maybe get tricked on a few, but I don't know that mentally I'll be able to focus on REG with the fail of far hanging over my head is what I'm worried about. Okay. Yeah. I see it going on either way and yourself better. So then, in that case, I would jump back into far.

You can. Justified either way. If you're four weeks in regulation, then I would say, no. But one week I would just chalk it up to just getting a little bit familiar with the material and jump back into far. However, don't make the mistake of if you're super strong in an area, then you can maybe hit it last.

If you're super strong and inventory then hit it last, but make sure that you recover everything. Thoroughly. Gotcha. Sounds good. Appreciate it. Yeah, my pleasure.

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