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A little behind…


It has been tough to drudge up the motivation to jump back into REG and my goal of taking the REG exam 7/7 might be a bit optimistic now. However, I am into disc 2 of Yaeger‘s 9 disc REG set and am soaking up Module 33 – Individual Income Tax and am strengthening what were previously weak areas.

As I follow Phil and take notes in the margins, highlight lines, and flip back and forth between the text and questions, my marked-up, torn-up Wiley book will likely resemble gang violence come mid-July.

I am still targeting 7/7, will not schedule my exam until I know that I will be ready on exam day. My modest study goal is 2.5 hours a day on the weekdays and 4 hours on Sat/Sunday.

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6 comments on “A little behind…”

  • I can understand what you are going through in terms of motivation. I have failed FARE thrice ,60,71 and 73 .Believe me theres nothing more painful than studying FARE so many times in a row.. i have scheduled my next one for FARE in Aug now.

  • I really understand what you are going through. I have taken various parts but have only passed Reg! I did well in college, but the amount of material required here is unbelievable. I have a small child at home, and studying is definitley not what I want to be doing. I am taking BEC and AUD the first week of July, using Becker. I hope that you do well July 7th!!

  • Push yourself. You are very inspiring in more ways than one. The pleasure of victory will make it all worth it. Be encouraged.

  • “do you find it’s doing a good job at keeping you motivated?”

    Motivated? Maybe a little…oddly enough it helps keep me accountable (as if my wife doesn’t do a good enough job of that already) 🙂

  • I’m new to reading this, I just started CPA prep myself with Gleim. I’m pondering blogging my progress as well… do you find it’s doing a good job at keeping you motivated?

    Good luck!

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