REG Update

Although I've scored two consecutive 74s on Regulation and own Yaeger‘s cram DVD (I didn't use it on my last attempt aside from Corps because I was swamped with BEC and up against the deadline or I lost FAR), I made a deal with myself that I would slow down and go back through REG from start to finish and watch every second on Yaeger‘s 9 DVD REG course, and that's what I'm doing.

So far, I've been through Individual Tax, Transactions, Gift/Estate/Trust Tax, and Partnerships. Along the way I've filled up 50 pages of a legal pad with notes, which I review periodically.

Today and tomorrow will be filled with (aside from an inconvenience called “work”) Corporations and then Business Law and Accountant's Responsibilities/Ethics this weekend.

On Monday, I'll go through all of my notes and begin working all of Dr. Yaeger's recommended questions from the Wiley book (keep in mind that upon completion of the DVD course, you've already done hundreds of MCQs). I'll work some sims, do a few final exams, and then I'll be ready to go.

As always, thanks for reading.

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I knew coming out of the exam that I had passed, but I didn’t expect this. I’m paranoid so I’m whiting out my info until I have my certificate in hand. Thank you GOD. Update: I got my paper confirmation on September 22 – a timely six days after my score appeared online.

REG: Not So Bad (if you study)

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I’m 18 days out from my exam and I intend on being completely through my REG lecture DVDs in a week. Yaeger‘s REG program has 9 DVDs and I’m on Disc 2. Hmmmm. I’m a prodigious procrastinator and when you couple this with the fact that I’m a news/sports junkie, I tend to goof off […]

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Anonymous 14 years ago

Good luck to you!

Anonymous 14 years ago

Good Luck! I am sitting for Audit on 8/27/08. I got a 64 back in May. This is my last section to pass. I took FAR three times. REG once and the BEC twice. I can totally relate to your blog. I have four kids, work full time at a CPA firm and my husband is in the Air Force and gone quite often. Glad to know there are others out there who feel my pain! 14 years ago

Our 4th is due in April '09...I know where you're coming from!

Adri 14 years ago

i didn't know you guys were expecting! congratulations to you, your wife, and your boys!

Eric 14 years ago

I've got REG this Sunday morning at 8am (I'm thinking the same thing...why are they offering it THEN?). Failed last time with a 73, so hopefully I can squeeze out a 75. Work has been busy lately so I haven't done enough questions so far. Now, it's just time to keep busting out the Gleim questions and hope for the best!

Emily 14 years ago

Good luck on the REG exam!! I'm taking REG this Wednesday. It should be interesting! I have basically crammed the last two weeks. Good because it is fresh in my mind. Bad because there are so many details to remember! 14 years ago

Good luck to you too Emily...I'm staring at around 100 pages of notes...stuff I understood when I wrote down that I have likely forgotten already..ha.

I think I'll look over them a few times...I'm starting to get anxious.

Aval M 14 years ago


I wish you all the luck. You will pass REG with flying colors this time. Your blog is very inspirational.
Good Luck !!

Mark 14 years ago have nothing to worry about. Quit studying! Just remember that the corporate tax rate is 35% or something like that.

Anonymous 14 years ago

Love this site. Thanks for keeping me upbeat. AND, best best best of luck on the 28th. You'll perform marvelously.