10 Aug 2008

My REG Experience

I'm 18 days out from my exam and I intend on being completely through my REG lecture DVDs in a week. Yaeger‘s REG program has 9 DVDs and I'm on Disc 2. Hmmmm.

I'm a prodigious procrastinator and when you couple this with the fact that I'm a news/sports junkie, I tend to goof off instead of study when I'm using my laptop. Lets see…Like Kind Exchanges…AMT Preference Items…no – I know…I'll see what's on the Drudge Report or ESPN.com.

To combat this, I'm going on a sort of mini-fast from the internet the next 7 days. As I've posted before, you can watch Yaeger‘s DVDs on your home DVD player. Most review programs leave you chained to a computer and I am thankful for this because I need to unplug and focus. This is probably a shocker, but it's painful to study for a test you were one point from passing twice in a row. Cry my a river and shut up and study, right?

I'm limiting my e-mail/blog/news perusing to less than 10 minutes a day until I get through all 9 DVDs. My goal is one DVD (about 4 hours) a day.

If you're a fellow procrastinator and you find yourself goofing off instead of studying – unplug for a week (if you have to use your computer to study – disable your wireless access or disconnect your cable modem) with me.

I'll post a status update in a week. By then, I should be FINISHED with the REG DVDs and pounding non-stop questions. If that is the case, then I will be 90% ready for the exam and all I have left to do is work sims and take practice exams.

Until then…

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Nina 16 years ago

OK, deal, let's block out. I have just 16 days towards my exam, and I'm severely behind.

Best of Luck,