REG: Not So Bad (if you study)

28 Aug 2008

My REG Experience

Today's testing experience was a great success, I think. I was better prepared than I've been for any section I've taken (and passed) and I felt like I knew most of the answers – even the exception to the exception questions where the obvious answer was wrong. There were a couple of multiple choice that I felt like were beyond the scope of what a normal person would study for the exam – left field topics, but I'm guessing that they were the “test” questions that don't count.

I feared that I would get some psycho simulation, but they were both topics that your review material should cover. One of them was very involved and challenging, however. Overall, it was a surprisingly painless testing experience. I was even starting to hope for a phlegm-hacking neighbor to spice things up, but it never happened.

I don't know if other people do this, but I can answer a question – and be POSITIVE that it is right, but sit there and waste a minute staring at it for fear that somehow it is wrong. I also do this thing where I will answer a question, click to the next one and then go back to it 3x for fear that my answer changed in the transition.

I'm sure that I'm the only one who does this. Maybe I'm an obsessive-compulsive exam taker…sort of like Nicholas Cage in “Matchstick Men” where he has to tap his feet three times or whatever inside a room before walking outside. I just know my score will go from 86 to 66 if I don't click back 3x.

Also – at end of my second sim, the timer ran out before I could click “Done”. I asked the staff person at Prometric if this affected anything and he said that the exam saves itself as you enter answers. I figured as much, but needed the affirmation that I didn't just lose 15% of my exam.

I'm in study mode…I put in over 35 hours of study time this week. Tomorrow, the office is empty and unless I have a project or something tangible (value-added) to do, I'm starting Yaeger‘s FAR, Disc One.

Now, only one thing stands in the way of me passing – and that's a section I've already passed.

Thanks for reading.

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Emily 16 years ago

I?m glad to hear it was a great testing experience for you! I think my test went pretty well but I know I got some of the MC wrong. And one question I changed last minute?and you know how they say to go with your gut feeling.

Haha, I definitely have never worried about my answer changing on me. I do go back and double check most questions which I think sometimes gets me in trouble (such as second guessing yourself and changing the answer last minute)

I literally had my fingers crossed going into both SIMs saying please God let it be a topic I know well. And that must have worked because I lucked out with both of my SIMs!

Now it?s on to FAR with me as well (and it will be my last section if I passed REG). Good luck with studying!! 16 years ago

I'm glad your REG experience went well too. It's very motivating to know that we could be done with this thing by mid-October if we work hard during September.

I don't want to give into the temptation to take a week or two off...that could turn into 5 weeks off if you're not careful.

PDmomma 16 years ago

is there a support group for the spouses of those taking the exam? I'm running out of ideas on how to be supportive when he won't study, what to say when another 71 comes in, how to be a productive "single parent" during the long study months leading up to another exam? sometimes i need just as much motivation as he does. love your blog! 16 years ago

I think there needs to be a support group! A friend of mine's wife got sick of the exam and packed up the kids and left (they're back together now thankfully). My wife was at her wit's end this week...I was gone studying last weekend and did nothing but study this week. The last 74 on REG hurt her as much as it hurt me, I think.

She's seen me give up little things like video games and stuff during this last final push to get this thing over with, so it makes it easier on her mentally when it's Saturday afternoon and I'm not around.

She reads a lot and I try to study in the same room as her. Also, we'll pop in an episode of "The Office" or something prior to me studying after the kids go to creates some sense of normalcy, I guess.

I used to study half-heartedly (my scores reflect my lame effort)and I realized that if I really want this - sacrifice has to be made...if you sleepwalk your way through studying and show up on exam day and hope to have a "puncher's chance" or something - you will get destroyed.

Hang in there!

Aeval 16 years ago

Good luck on getting a quick and awesome score! I was floored when I got my REG score a couple weeks back; 90. But, I over prepared since it was my first exam and really didn't know what to expect.

I took BEC last week, I'm confident I passed.

I'm a superstitious exam taker - I parked in the same location and wore the same thing I wore when I took (& successfully passed) REG. Ridiculous, but hey, I'm not one to screw with the system!

Next up for my is FARE too - when in Oct are you taking it? I'm 10/1.

Also - I don't get why spouses aren't more understanding of this exam process! My husband has been complaining ever since I was spending 4hrs 2x a week in Jan-May doing the Becker classes. It obviously doesn't make the whole thing easier.

Mark 16 years ago

Hey ya'll. I'm the "friend" whose spouse packed up and took the kids. Let me tell ya, that was hell. It definitely makes you wonder if this CPA exam is worth it.

Check this out: She left two days before I took REG! Check this out again: I scored an 80!

Don't ask how. I don't have a clue.

Brandon 16 years ago

I do the same thing!

I even click done on the testlet and then when it says "Do you want to Review", I click Yes and go through every question to make sure that my answer was not changed by some ghost.

Kel 15 years ago

Hey, 30 hours in one week is a lot of studying! How much did you study total?

Tracy 14 years ago

My best advice is to take a few days off before the exam. For both audit and FAr I crammed all my studying into 5 days (studied 8-10 hours a day. it's a lot easier to get into study mode. I got a 93 on audit and an 80 on FAR. Read the book and do the lectures. also : Take teh hard ones first!!! I don't mind retaking an exam i failed, but to retake one I already passed - I would never want to! The more you go the less youw ant to study - and don;t make yourself nervous with the hard ones that could take youa year to pass!