16 Sep 2008

My REG Experience

I knew coming out of the exam that I had passed, but I didn't expect this. I'm paranoid so I'm whiting out my info until I have my certificate in hand.

Thank you GOD.

Update: I got my paper confirmation on September 22 – a timely six days after my score appeared online.

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Brandon 16 years ago

Congratulations. I too just got my score (after having barely been able to sleep last night because of your earlier post) and passed after having failed before - it certainly feels good to get that one behind you! 16 years ago

haha...last night's sleep had to rank up there with one of the worst for me as well...12:30...3:30...I had to check, you know. Congrats Brandon! Glad this one is over...I don't think I could have stomached failure this time.

joe 16 years ago

congrats! Get FAR done now!!!!!

Emily 16 years ago

Congrats!!! I passed Reg as well with a 90! I was also very shocked with my score. I never though I would be receiving anything over a 90 on a section of the CPA exam. HA!

Now only FAR stands in both of our ways. I have a solid two months to study. Good luck!!

Matt 16 years ago

Congratulations! I stumbled upon your blog yesterday as I was doing a search for my FAR score to be released from New Hampshire. I admire your sticktoitiveness. Good luck with everything in the future!

BTW, do you know when NH scores will be released?

Adri 16 years ago

WOW! congratulations on a very impressive score!

CPAWANNAB 16 years ago


Excellent choice cpawannab - go through all of the lectures and do what they tell you to do and you'll be in an excellent position to win come exam day.

Robin 16 years ago

Regulator. haha. Thats funny. Congratulations!

Denise 16 years ago

WOW... You killed it! Congrats!!

Denise 16 years ago

Ha..WOW, You killed it!!!!

Great job and congrats!

Brandon 16 years ago

Congratulations. I just got my Reg score as well. I got a 97, so I am done with these exams.

Holly 16 years ago

My husband happened upon your blog after finding out today that he did not pass his Auditing and BEC sections. 74 for both! So frustrating...
Congrats on passing yours! Maybe there's hope for us! 16 years ago

Holly - I'm sorry to hear about the 74s...those are the absolute worst.

Have your husband e-mail me if he wants to chat. I've been there :/ 16 years ago

Brandon - 97? Crazy man...congrats on being done with this mess. You can go back to living a normal life devoid of things like "testlets" and "MCQs".

I'm almost there...

Mel 16 years ago

Congratulations! It's a really high score! I feel very happy for you!
I took REG in July (2nd try), my last part, but I've failed with a 74. I will take my third try this Nov, if I won't pass it, I will lose my AUD credit.....
I've 3 kids too! All are girls. I spent a lot of $$ for the exam already; the Becker class, exam fees, plus the airfare....(I am not native English speaker and living outsite America,.... and has visited Guam for 4 times last year!! I will go to San Francisco from Singapore this time! So I can't affort to purchase additional CPA course any more, but just order a 2008 Wiley textbook, don't know it's enough to pass?
Anyway, congrat again! You did such a great job!

Mark 16 years ago

"Regulator" You're either a Young Guns fan or a Warren G fan. Ha ha. 16 years ago

I figured some people would get the Warren G reference. That was 1994...much simpler times. :/

Anonymous 16 years ago

Anyone gotten their REG results from Georgia? I took REG on 8/28 and still do not have my results.

Anonymous 16 years ago

took reg 8/9 in VA - still no resuls

Anonymous 16 years ago

Congrats on your passing score. I am nervously awaiting my Audit score. I am scared to even check it. It is the last one I have to pass, but I am on the verge of losing credit for REG. I am afraid if I lose one it will just sprial and I will continue to lose credits faster than I can gain them. And it took my three tries at FAR so I would die if I lost it!

Robert 16 years ago

Congratulations - I just got my Reg and didn't pass - 64. My first part ever taken, I'm 41 and have finally decided to get my letters after almost 20 years in start-up accounting. I am taking this one as a learning experience.

I'm studying for FAR and am MUCH more familiar with the material. I think I'll try Yaegar cram for REG next time. 16 years ago

Hey Robert - you'll get it next time. Congrats on deciding to tackle this's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

Luke 16 years ago

God bless you buddy - That is a monster number you put up there. Good luck on the last one!