After FAR, Shifting Focus to AUD

21 Jul 2016


Kristen Option 2Kristen is a NINJA CPA blogger.

After the disappointment with FAR, I decided to re-motivate myself by focusing on AUD.

I think that AUD and BEC will be the sections that play to my strengths – not that I am looking forward to any section of this exam.

Before bed, I like to do a little light reading to clear my head and avoid screen time.

If I stare at my phone it is a downhill spiral of depressing current events, Facebook browsing and unnecessary shopping, which keeps me awake much longer than reading. The whole point of this tangent is that I am working to develop good habits!

Honestly, studying is very low on my list of items to do during the day. Since with studying there is no one to let down but myself, other deadlines seem more pressing.

Once work slows down, I hope I will be able to make studying a priority, and begin studying in the evenings again. Also, I am going to start studying first thing in the morning, before work.

Consistently setting aside that time in the morning will make the process routine. I hope that by scheduling the time for myself, I will be able to stick to my study plan, and feel more confident about the multiple choice questions and clock management.

Just like everyone else, I need to figure out [A71 product=”all”]what works best for me to study, adapt, and make it a priority. I will be sure to report back on the progress of the new routine.

Wishing all NINJAs good luck as we prepare for the next testing window.

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