Arizona CPA Exam Requirements

05 Jun 2015

CPA Exam Requirements

Age Requirement: 18

Citizenship Requirement: No

Residency Requirement: No

Social Security Number Requirement: Yes

Arizona CPA Exam Education Requirements

Education Requirement for Licensure: 150 hours (including B.A)

Participates in International Examination Program: Yes

Hours in accounting: 36 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting (30 hours must be in upper-level)

Exam sitting requirements: B.A. (120 hours)

Experience requirements: 1-year general requirement in private industry or government agency. Volunteer or intern work counts as long as it meets the definition of experience and was performed under a qualified person in the accounting field.

Ethics exam: Must pass AICPA Professional Ethics Exam for initial licensure

Certification by Exam and by Grade Transfer CHECKLIST

Please read the application and instructions carefully. Make sure all of the following applicable materials are included in your packet. Do not submit the packet until all these items have been collected.

Pursuant to A.A.C. R4-1-341(B), you will receive written notification from the Board on the status of your application within 30 days after it is received in the Board office.

□ Application

□ Application fee of $100 payable to the Arizona State Board of Accountancy

□ One reference letter signed and dated from a licensed CPA.

□ Verification of Uniform CPA Exam grades in a secured envelope (Grade Transfer only)

□ Transcript(s) in college/school secured envelope(s)

Helpful Hints – Transcripts on File: If you have applied to take the Uniform CPA Examination in Arizona within the past 5 years, the transcripts provided with your exam application will be on file with the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. However, the transcripts on file may need to be supplemented with additional transcripts as the education requirements for certification are more rigorous than those for exam.

□ Certificate(s) of Experience (COE)

Helpful Hints – If the signer is not a CPA, they must attach a resume and a job description to verify their education and experience to the COE.

Hours of Experience – Each applicant must show proof of at least 2000 hours of paid or unpaid experience in the practice of accounting when applying for certification by exam/grade transfer. Please have the signer provide a breakdown of the hours (how many hours per week did you work?), and include a total number of hours you worked for that employer. Example: 20 hours per week for 3 months (13 weeks) equals 260 hours.

□ Supervisor Licensure Verification(s) in secured envelope(s).

Helpful Hints – If your supervisor was/is a CPA in a jurisdiction other than Arizona, a Supervisor Verification form needs to be sent to that jurisdiction’s board for license verification, and then returned to the Arizona Board office in a sealed envelope.

Arizona CPA Exam Fees

Arizona has different application fees for first-time and re-exam candidates. First-time candidates are defined as candidates who have never applied to take the Uniform CPA Examination in Arizona or in any other jurisdiction. Re-exam applications can only be completed by those who have previously applied and been approved through the Arizona State Board of Accountancy.

Candidates who have applied to take the exam in another jurisdiction can continue to reapply through that jurisdiction to complete the exam even though they have relocated to Arizona. They can then choose a Prometric testing center in Arizona to sit for the exam.

Application Process and Required Forms, Fees, and Transcripts

First-timers: $723.20 (4 CPA exam fees) + $100 (initial application fee)

Exam Section

Auditing and Attestation (AUD)                $190.35

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)         $171.25

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)            $190.35

Regulation (REG)             $171.25

TOTAL $723.20

In order to apply to sit for the exam, candidates must complete and submit an application form and send it along with the appropriate fee ($100 for first-time candidates and $50 for re-exam candidates) and college transcripts to the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. Once the board has received and processed a complete application, the candidate will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT).  First-time candidates should allow 45-60 days for application processing. Re-exam applications are normally processed within 24 hours of receipt.

Any changes made to the exam section(s) listed on the ATT once it has been processed by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) will result in the original fee being forfeited. Candidates must then submit an application cancellation form, a re-exam application and a $50 re-exam fee for the correct section(s).

Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants

Jose Herrera

Phone Number: 602-324-4741 or 602-252-4144

AZ Toll Free: (888) 237-0700

Fax Number: 602-252-1511

Address: 4801 E. Washington St., Suite 225-B, Phoenix, AZ 85034


Arizona State Board of Accountancy

Phone Number: 602-364-0804

Fax Number: 602-364-0903

Address: 100 N. 15th Avenue, Room 165, Phoenix, AZ 85007


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