AUD PASSED: The NINJA Method Worked!

15 Jul 2016


Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I have been coming to the Another 71 site for the better part of the 2 years since I started my CPA journey. I read about the NINJA method and how it supposedly made a difference, especially the re-writing of notes, and led to improved scores.

I'll admit, I've always been a little skeptical of Jeff's methods. I saw the re-writing of notes as tedious and as an exercise that takes away from precious MCQ time as you approach an exam. Today, I am happy to say I have to eat every single one of those words.

I originally took Audit in August and October, both times not dedicating enough time or proper study techniques, thinking that I could probably get by and scrape out a 75. I promptly got my butt handed to me with both exams.

This attempt, I decided to go full NINJA.

I trended significantly higher for Audit during my studies and definitely felt confident about my chances going in to the exam. During the test, I felt like I was getting harder questions, but at one point I began to think that maybe the questions weren't hard and I was just getting whooped again.

When the score countdown clock started running I got so nauseous I didn't think I could get dinner down. I was mentally prepping for another score in the 60s and trying to figure out how to: retake Audit with a honeymoon/move to California on the horizon (September), deal with the expiration of my course license (November) and the horrifying possibility of losing my FAR credit (February).

Having two tests to balance with all of that seemed near impossible.

Fortunately, my amazing fiancee (who surprised me with my passing FAR score last August) went in to the kitchen and checked my score ahead of time.

Right as I was finally getting the courage to open NASBA and accept my fate, she promptly showed me her phone with a score of 81. It took me 5 full seconds to register what I was reading, but there it was plain as day.

I PASSED! 3 down, 1 to go!

After 20 months of reading this site's message board with all of the testaments to the NINJA method and its efficacy, I can join the hundreds of my fellow NINJAs who know that Jeff's method works. I improved my score 20 points and went from unsure if I could ever get over the hump, to passing Audit comfortably.

There is no shortcut to this exam, unfortunately. The CPA is one of the most desired credentials for the exact reason we hate it: it is a difficult, trying exam.

You have to put in the work, but the reward is made that much sweeter when you finally get through a section. I have three exams in the rearview mirror and a hunger to finish like I've never felt before.

I just have REG standing between me and the finish line, and I am looking forward to employing the NINJA method to best the exam I dreaded the most.

The end is in sight for me, and I am going to live in my study materials until the only thing I have to worry about is how much fun my fiancee and I are going to have in New Zealand this fall.


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Key522 8 years ago

I finally passed AUD too. Only REG left. Good Luck. HIYA