AUD Won the Battle, I Will Win the War

22 Sep 2015


Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Seeing a 67 on your screen and letting the reality that the work you put in for the AUD led you to exactly zilch is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. It was deflating and humbling all at once.

I knew I could have done better, done more NINJA MCQs and stayed up the extra few hours to get this exam done, but I didn’t.

And now, I am facing the same book that I was looking at a month ago, trying to re-learn everything I hoped I could start forgetting.

I took 2 weeks to myself to re-focus and try to unwind after non-stop studying from June to the end of August.

Now that I have gotten a break to rest, and to propose to my girlfriend, I am ready and motivated to kick some butt on the re-take.

Moving forward, I know I will need to double down on my MCQs for the re-take, as that is where I most likely shot myself in the foot. I didn’t bother reviewing the assessment from the board because, quite frankly, I’m weak in all areas if I have to re-take the exam.

I am not starting from scratch, but I do believe a more comprehensive review is needed to nail down some areas that I prayed didn’t get tested on the exam (spoilers: they all did).

With wedding planning added to my ever-growing list of to-do’s, I know that time is going to be a premium item that will need to be meticulously monitored.

There is no such thing as “free time” until the holidays begin and the exam window closes for the year. I have removed all of my fantasy football apps and push notifications from my phone, and will be cranking out NINJA Audio daily from now until October.

Getting knocked down sucks, but what would suck more is to throw all of the work I’ve put in for my exam out the window because things didn’t break my way this time. I will not let this exam beat me. Audit won the battle, I will win the war.


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