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28 Apr 2008

My REG Experience

I took REG this afternoon and it was an absolute MONSTER. It goes down as the most mind-blowingly frustrating exam experience I've had. Every tax question was hard. Complex question after question. It sucked so bad that I looked forward to the next business law question.

I didn't finish one tab of my last sim. I made sure to score easy points on the essay and research tab, though.

Either I'm an idiot or I was doing well and the difficulty of the problems were kicked up a notch (for the uninitiated, the better you do, the harder the questions get – but are worth more points). Probably a little bit of both.

I came out of the Exam humbled and feeling like a moron. On the other hand, whenever I have left and exam thinking “hey, that wasn't so bad after all…” – I failed.

Who knows.

I'm just glad that it's over – for now.

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Temasik_Temagi 16 years ago

I don't know how you can sit for 2 parts in one day. I would have freaked out. 16 years ago

Back in the "old days" (pre-2004, I believe) had to sit for all 4 sections at once :)

Of course, they didn't have the 150 rule or the current exam content.

Trust me - it's not bad at all taking 2 sections in a day. I was tired, but I could have done it again the next day as well. It's doable, definitely.

Anonymous 15 years ago

The four sections at once wasn't so bad actually !