Making Progress: Balancing Life and the CPA Exam

03 Sep 2015


JennyJenny a NINJA CPA blogger.

Another crazy week has come and gone. I would love to say that I have followed my study plan perfectly and I am on top of my studying. Then I would be lying.

Let's face the facts. Life isn't perfect and things don't always go as planned.

So what do you? You make a plan and try to follow as best as you can. Be flexible and know it’s not the end of the world if life happens.

Even though I know I have not met every study hour I had planned, I am at least making progress. I am almost through the material in the [A71 product=”books”]NINJA Book and I have started to tackle the NINJA multiple choice questions.

I am in love with the NINJA MCQ software. I am able to select what section I want the multiple choice questions to be from and I have the option to select the number of questions I want or I can select how long I am going to do the questions.

I usually set the time I am working on a section and answer as many as I can. I make sure to take notes on the questions I either got wrong or guessed on.

I still don't have a definite date set for the exam. I have sent my application in to sit. As soon as I can I will schedule the exam.

Spousal Insight

To some degree I find the concept of studying (after you have been out of school for a while, that is) much like the concept of dieting.

A lot of times people will say they will start tomorrow on dieting. And we all know what comes of that… tomorrow never comes.

With studying, we can be distracted which causes us to say, “I will get back on track tomorrow.” Again, if you do that enough times, you won't be ready for the exam.

I have been quite impressed with my wife's drive for studying for the CPA Exam and her perseverance. Even in the light of all the craziness, she understands that balancing life, work, and studying requires flexibility.

And the NINJA notes and material provide not only great content, but also provide amazing flexibility.

In the book, “Question behind the Question,” the author makes a statement that “stress is a choice.” Think about that!

Now, when life is bearing down on you, your kids might be bugging you, and your exam is coming around the corner, remember that HOW you react is a choice. That choice can breed stress.

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