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01 Jan 2015



The NINJAs intended to have a 4th of July Sale, they really did.

Instead, their vehicle broke down in Kentucky, not once, but twice

(that's a crazy story for another day … perhaps in a future Podcast).

Announcing: The (belated) July 4th BOOM Sale (original, we know)

Buy NINJA Book and get NINJA MCQ free with your purchase.

How this works:

– Purchase a NINJA Book section
– Enter Coupon Code: BOOM (this will reduce the price of the NINJA Book by $1.00, which signals to the ninjas that you need free MCQ on the double! hiya!)
– The NINJAs will send your access to NINJA MCQ as quickly as possible

The low-down:

– The Free NINJA MCQ section must be for the same section as the book (for instance, if you purchase the FAR NINJA Book, you get the FAR NINJA MCQ – it keeps things nice and simple)

– This can't be retroactively applied to past purchases

– The NINJA MCQ access starts right away and is good for 3 months like it would be if you purchased NINJA MCQ (sometimes people ask if their MCQ clock can be delayed…normally we are more than happy to do that, but for this promo we can't – it keeps things simple … eat … sleep … fight … ninjas like simple).

Go here to get this killer deal

Some (potential) FAQs

Q: What if I already have NINJA MCQ for FAR, but want the FAR Book?
A: In cases like this, you can save your MCQ credit for either an extension of FAR or another MCQ section later – we're flexible.

Q: Is this good for only NINJA Book purchases?
A: Yes – and here's a little secret…NINJA Book + NINJA MCQ is everything you need to pass the CPA Exam.

Q: Can I see a sample of NINJA Book first?
A: Yes – free demo downloads are on the NINJA Book page.

Q: Can I buy FAR NINJA Book and get REG NINJA MCQ?
A: No – whatever NINJA Book section you purchase, that's the free MCQ access that will be sent to you unless you already have the FAR MCQ like in the first question, then we're flexible – just email us.

Q: Can I use this for more than one NINJA Book section?
A: Absolutely – and in this case, just let us know which MCQ section you want first and you can delay the other free MCQ sections later. No need to purchase multiple times using the coupon code – just make one transaction and the ninjas will work with you on what section you want first.

Q: How do I add NINJA MCQ to my cart?
A: Don't add it – only add NINJA Book (but feel free to add another stuff like NINJA Notes/Audio too if you would like) and then the ninjas will send you the MCQ access. Nothing needs to be done on your end to get the NINJA MCQ access, other than entering the coupon code BOOM.

Q: I'm not sure if I entered my coupon correctly – how do I know?
A: If entered correctly the BOOM coupon should give you a $1.00 discount at checkout.

Q: Why is the coupon for only $1.00?
A: It's for tracking so we can know who to send the MCQ Access to.

Q: I haven't received my NINJA MCQ access – where is it?
A: We will email it to the same email used for purchase…please allow up to 1 business day to add it (but we will make it a priority to get it to you ASAP)

Q: Can I delay my NINJA MCQ 3 month clock?
A: Normally yes, but for this promo – no … it starts as soon as we add your MCQ Access. The exception to this is if you purchase more than one NINJA Book section with this promo. The clock won't start on the sections you're not studying for until you email us and want it.

For example: You purchase NINJA Book for FAR and REG. You email the ninjas and tell them you are studying for FAR first – and they will send you FAR MCQ access. Later when you're ready for REG – let them know and they will start your REG access … the ninjas are totally flexible.

Go here to purchase:

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