Study and Wait: The Story of the CPA Candidate

Keona2Keona is a [A71 product=”combo”]NINJA CPA blogger[/A71].

I’m preparing for my AUD retake while I wait on my REG score.

After I took REG, I decided to take a week off before getting back to AUD to prepare for a wedding I had out of town. Then I came back to work slammed with work so that was another week of not studying.

Finally, I decided to grab [A71 product=”books”]NINJA AUD Book[/A71] for my retake as I said before the book is more concise and organized.

I know for retakes you are supposed to start from scratch and that what I’m doing by rereading the AUD book. I was excited after starting to study some of the material was coming back to me.

I only failed by one point so I’m hoping by grasping the concepts a little more and learning the trickiest of AUD MCQs I will get over the 75 hump.

I really miss spending time with my loved ones and I’m hoping that this spring and summer can be spent with them instead of Starbucks. Here’s to a strong Q1. HIYA!

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