Balancing Work with BEC CPA Review

28 May 2015




Carolina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

After all of the CPA review cramming all I could handle, I took AUD on May 2. The test didn’t seem that hard, but that worries me. I just hope I passed.

It was a rough week, but I was able to get it together and take the test. I took one day off of studying and started to study for BEC the next day.

My BEC test is on May 29, and I still haven’t reach the review stage yet. My job has made it hard to study efficiently. By the time I start studying every night, I’m super exhausted.

During the last two weeks, work has gotten worse. My manager resigned, and all his work has fallen on my shoulders.

Also, the other lady that works with me has been interviewing with other companies, so if she leaves, I’ll be all by myself for a little while.

I just wish any of this wouldn’t affect me and that my CPA review time would not be affected by me thinking about what to do next.

I’ve been looking for another job, but not as proactively as I should because I’m trying to focus on BEC. When I was in college, I didn’t have such a hard time separating work, life, and studying. I always have had a high GPA and was able to manage it all at once.

However, the CPA exams are just a different monster. They require more dedication and a healthy mind and body.

All of the above is making feel drained, but my motivation is actually getting that little piece of paper saying that I’m a Licensed Certified Public Accountant. All that I have gone through will only make me appreciate the license more.

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