BEC Exam Scheduled: Time to Focus + Stick to Studying

15 Sep 2015


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

It’s official!! I have paid all the exam fees and scheduled the BEC exam for October 17th. Not exactly a fun thing to do on a Saturday but it will be worth it once all parts are past.

So what now? Time to focus harder and stick to my study plan. I have read over the [A71 product=”books”]NINJA Book and I am now tackling multiple choice questions.

I am focusing a section at a time making sure I make notes on questions I miss. I am also working through the NINJA Flashcards.

At this point the exam feels far off. I do know this time will go fast. In a perfect world I can get up early, study before work, study at lunch, and come home and study a few more hours at night.

Reality for me right now is to study as much as I can after work. Managing two almost 4-year-olds and two almost ten-month-olds is sometimes a two person job.

It’s important that I use all the study time I get efficiently. It's not the quantity of hours you put in but the quality.

Spousal Insight

Sometimes it is hard to be a good spouse when your better half is studying for an exam. When they ask you to do something, the only thing they want you to do is what they’ve asked you to do.

When they have studying on their mind, and something doesn't get done, they can become distracted by that which they have asked you to do. As a result, you (the spouse) have now become an impediment to their studying efforts rather than a helpful aside.

Remember that your spouse should be your focus. Do as they have asked the first time, and don't procrastinate. If you fail in this, get back in line and help remove ANY impediments in their way.

You as a spouse need to make sure their studying is efficient. As my wife said above, when time is short, it is about quality a not quantity.

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