How to Choose the Best CPA Review Course (for you)

best cpa review course
What is the best CPA review course for you? Budget, Learning Style, and Peer Review are key factors.

Shopping for CPA Review materials?

In search of the Best CPA Review Course?

Here's a Secret: There is no “Best CPA Review Course”.

That's Fake News.

Anyone proclaiming a “Best CPA Review Course” has an agenda.

Including this one. owns NINJA CPA Review and we are inherently biased.

That's why we offer a 30 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. We've made your purchase 100% Risk-Free.

No one else will do that – but then again, no one else is a NINJA. 🙂

Truth: Every Course has their advantages … and their drawbacks.

While we aren't independent, we do seek to be objective.

Some courses are affordable … but might not be as polished or have as many bells and whistles.

And flashing lights.

NINJA probably falls into this category.

It gets the job done (tens of thousands of CPA Candidates have used NINJA materials, including several Elijah Watt Sells Award winners), but it doesn't come with a breakdancing robot that studies for you while you sleep.

Other CPA Review Courses have the above-mentioned bells, whistles, flashing lights, and breakdancing robots, but it comes at a significant cost.

Between a mortgage, car payments, student loans, starting a family, trying to take a vacation once every five years, 401(k) contributions, Roth IRAs … good luck paying it off before you have grandchildren.

Want to find the Best CPA Review Course – *For You*? Now we're talking.

Whether this is your first CPA Review Course purchase or you simply want to add some extra firepower to your current (and crazy-expensive) CPA Review Course, you've come to the right place.

Disclosure: This site owns NINJA CPA Review and it has advertising/affiliate relationships with the CPA Review courses on this page. We may receive a commission if you purchase through these links.

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How to Choose the Best CPA Review Course (For You)

When looking to pick the Best CPA Review Course (for you), here are 3 things you need to consider before dropping the equivalent of a nice celebratory cruise for two – or for the more practical-minded, the equivalent of a 27″ iMac, MacBook Pro, and an iPad Pro (the Apple fanboy in me is shedding a tear).

As the 90s rap song said, “you can get with THIS, or you can get with THAT.”

You can buy THIS (expensive course) or you can buy THAT (lower-priced course + Celebratory Cruise/Macbook, etc).

Opportunity Cost isn't just a theoretical concept in your BEC study materials – it's very much alive and well in CPA Review-land.

  1. Budget.
    Do you want to be paying for your CPA Exam prep course lonnngggg after you've passed and moved on to better things?

    How many years of Christmas bonuses and raises will you have to fork over to the credit card company to pay off the CPA Review Course?

    According to CNBC, the average household in America owes $16,883 in credit card debt.

    Tacking on a $3,000 CPA Review Course will add $230 in interest per year – and that's a conservative 7.6% interest rate.

    Some CPA Review courses offer financing with up to 30% APR. We're talking $900 per year in interest!

    (I realize this is getting a little soap-boxy, but no one talks about the real cost of buying a CPA prep course – as well as the opportunity costs. It's important to point out the impact that a CPA Review course will have on you long after the euphoria and high-fives of passing have faded and you cringe opening up your credit card statement each month.)

    Saying “yes” to an expensive course will likely mean saying “no” to fun things (and fun little people who want to do fun things) down the road.

    Take the plunge if that's the best path for you – but just do it with eyes wide open.

    If none of this sounds appetizing – then consider paying cash (i.e. don't go into debt) for your CPA Review course.

    This may mean that you don't pick one of the most expensive CPA Review courses.

    Or if you do, maybe it means you that you purchase one of their lower-tier packages instead of the one that comes with the breakdancing robot.

    Then again – the most expensive courses might not be for you anyway because of your learning style…which brings us to the next consideration…


  3. Learning Style.
    Do you prefer “power-point” style lectures or a “talking head”?

    If it's a talking head – does the instructor stare straight ahead and read from a teleprompter, or do you like that they wing it and dance around?

    Do they add value to the material or simply read from the book?

    Do you want audio lectures and study notes to study in your downtime?

    If so – does the course even offer study notes and an audio course ?


  5. Peer Review.
    What is the course's reputation?

    Are there usage limits or restrictions?

    Does it expire?

    Free Trials? Can you take it for a test drive and try before you buy?

    (btw – You can do a NINJA Free Trial here).

    Can you Return it without penalty? If not – why?

    What is their Refund Policy? What if you hate it?


To Your CPA Exam Success,


Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS) & NINJA CPA Review


PS – Don't forget about our 30-Day Refund Guarantee. It's as risk-free as it gets…

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Who Is This For?

This is for CPA Exam candidates of all stripes from those just starting out to those going..

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And of course… every CPA Exam Candidate in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: No! That's the beautiful thing about NINJA Monthly - you never have to go shopping for study materials again. Once you subscribe to a section and take that exam - email us and tell us which section you want next and we'll switch you.
A: Exactly. It's like Netflix for the CPA Exam - once you're done with one section, you can study for the next - all under the same subscription.
A: Yes – same download privileges as if you had purchased them standalone.
A: Another big perk about the NINJA Monthly plan - you never have to email or wait for updates again ... if you're an active subscriber, just log in and download the most current version of the Notes, Audio, Book, etc.
A: You do not need to sign up for anything else. You'll just contact us inside the Dojo and you'll be switched - as simple as that!
Your $67 subscription will renew automagically each month, but you may cancel it at any time. No commitment beyond the month you’ve paid for.
A: No - not at all. This is more like a 'budgeting' plan or a 'so your family doesn't have to skip summer vacation because you bought study materials plan'. With a financing plan - you're paying a large lump sum but it's broken into monthly payments. With NINJA Monthly - there is no "lump sum" ... it's simply a monthly fee that you can cancel at any time for any reason without any further financial impact whatsoever.You can walk away at anytime.
A: People who have been successful using NINJA as supplement typically cite 3 products: MCQ, Notes & Audio. People who have been successful with NINJA as their primary review typically cite all 7 products. For only $67 all option are on the table. All the study weapons are there for your choosing.
A: The short answer is 'Yes'. However, as you will see in our NINJA Study Framework you want to use things in conjunction with the MCQs.
A: We are going back to our roots: Effective and Affordable supplemental study materials. There wasn't a monthly plan that didn't chain you to thousands of dollars in debt, so we made one. It's our job to earn your business each and every month and to help you pass the CPA Exam.
A: You may switch once every 30 days, but we're flexible, as each situation is different. Rare is the candidate who studies for 3 exam sections in less than two months. Again - we are flexible, so you may have a situation that warrants more than one switch (NTS issues, etc).
A: Simply select the section below that you want to begin with and you should get access immediately. If you're taking FAR in 2 weeks and AUD after that, then select FAR, and after your exam, email us and we'll switch you to AUD.

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