The Final Countdown: REG Exam, Moving and Getting Married

12 Aug 2016


Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

The final countdown is on for the move and the wedding! I have exactly 6 weeks to get through REG before leaving for California the following week and get married the week after.

I foresee a lot of sleepless nights in my immediate future!

I have been pushing through my REG lectures slower than I anticipated, so I need to find a new gear to make sure my study books are left behind as a set when we move.

I missed out on a weekend of studying this past weekend to go to my bachelor party (where we were all super responsible) and now have to shake off the rust after 4 days of boating and sun.

I was able to celebrate a lot of things, but there were also some sad moments where I realized that these days are going to get fewer and farther between with a new job in a different part of the country.

Much like getting your certification, there’s a lot of change that comes for you, some of it scary, but more than anything it’s exciting.

You learn that while things will never be the same for you after that moment, your life will be better for making these progressive decisions. You learn that taking the leap is far less terrifying than standing in the same place.

REG is once again handing me my butt. I have found myself struggling with the same concepts NASBA told me I was slacking on in last attempt.

The difference this time is the awareness that putting in the extra minutes now could mean my total freedom from the CPA forever. If that doesn’t get you cracking with the lectures, I doubt anything could. I will take short-term pain now for nights and weekends to myself when I’ve finished the exam any day of the week.

I hope to get some good momentum as the final weeks on my current work team wind down and a small lull in work allows for more studying.

It will be nice to get the extra time and, hopefully, begin my new position already certified. It’s getting to be that time where the Rocky music swells and my sweat suit training montage begins.

Let’s do this NINJAs!!

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