Back on Track with AUD: Practicing MCQs + Simulations

30 Apr 2015


FrancineFrancine is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


I have a couple more weeks till my AUD exam. So exciting!! :-/

I have not really been able to dedicate myself to studying as much as I would’ve liked to this past week because there have been so many changes at the company where I work. My manager resigned.

She left just before our fiscal year end close (lucky her). My workload has increased a lot.

When I first started working at this company, it was a team of seven people. Now, with her leaving, it is just me and my colleague. Unbelievable! And I don’t even think that they are going to hire someone to replace that position nor promote anyone into the position.

So it’s just the two of us, stuck with enough work for seven people. It has been extremely stressful.

I’m planning a wedding, trying to get my work completed on time and trying to do as many MCQs and sims that I can. I am also looking for another job because the company is not doing well and is downsizing. LIFE!!!

But now I plan on really getting back on track with studying. I know 80% of the material and I’m doing pretty well on NINJA MCQ. I have to do better on the simulations.

It’s so annoying that the sims have 10 answer choices and an answer can be used once, more than once or not at all. That is some tricky stuff, but practice makes perfect.

This week is my birthday and I am going to go out with my friends for dinner over the weekend. I took a couple days off from work so I plan on studying all day so that I don’t feel too guilty about going out for my birthday. One down, three to go!!

Good luck NINJAs!

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