Ask the NINJAs: CPA Exam before starting new Big 4 job?

07 Aug 2013

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I just graduated with my MBA and I am a Cost Accountant at a manufacturing company. However, I received a Big 4 job offer and will be starting that job in the fall.

I plan to take two months off to breathe before I start in the fall, but I know that eventually I will take the CPA exam. Should I work a little bit and get used to my new job or take the exam as soon as I can? – Maggie



Dear Maggie,

Congrats on the new degree and the new job! Well done.

You have two choices:

Option 1: Breath easy now and coast for the next 2 months and then run into that buzzsaw known as “trying to study for the CPA Exam during busy season.”

Killer article on that here, btw.

Sorry … easily distracted … HiYa – Engaging NINJA Focus!!!.

Option 2: Start studying now and knock out an exam section (or two) before you begin your Big 4 Accounting gig and breathe easier instead of suffocating from the workload and stress of the CPA Exam.

Deuces all the way, Maggie.



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