Ask the NINJAs: 2017 CPA Review Materials on 2018 CPA Exam

31 Oct 2017

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I am looking to start studying for the BEC or AUD after tax season 2018.

A co worker gave me her CPA Review materials she purchased during 2017 (books/flashcards).

Would these still be a good thing to use to study for the CPA Exam in 2018 along with NINJA Study Materials also?

Thanks for your advice.


Dear Deana,

BEC and AUD should be just fine.

If it were FAR with the Revenue Recognition rules, we would say no.

Of course, NINJAs like yourself never have to worry about using outdated materials since you get free updates until you pass.


With that said – if you're using NINJA Materials with them…just the “other” book as a backup and study with the updated NINJA Book.

Their flashcards should be fine as well and give you another look at the materials, in addition to your NINJA Flashcard App.


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